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Are you looking for a small office space for rent? Everyone can start a business, and you don’t have to be wealthy or have a high capital to begin your own company and achieve your dreams. One of the ways you can begin is to start small. We understand that not everyone wants to start their business in a large scale, and some just don’t have the financial backing to do so. Whatever the reason is, we are here to provide small office spaces which you can rent for a reasonable budget.

There are many different types of small business office space for rent, and they cater to freelancers, start-ups, entrepreneurs, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) as well as anyone else needing these small business office spaces for rent. Here are some of the most common types of small office spaces available:

Conventional Small Office Space

The normal corporate or commercial small office occupies an area of less than 1000 square feet and can come fully furnished with all new fittings, and complete with all the furniture you may need. Alternatively, you can choose to have the office space partially furnished with basic furniture, or leave it bare and rent a bare unit.

A small office is suitable for a small business with less than ten employees. Small offices have become a convenient option for many businesses that don’t require large spaces to function, such as lawyers, consultants, service providers, surveyors and so forth. A typical small office will be in a shared building with other offices and often they share common features like elevators and security. You can be assured that we’ll source the best small office space to rent for you to build your company’s prestige.

Flexible Small Office

Flexible small offices include serviced offices and virtual offices.  A serviced small office is one where the office space is shared and there is a common receptionist. Secretarial and supporting administrative services are also available for a fee. Usually these small office spaces are already fully furnished and amenities like internet connection, phone connections, fax and mail are provided too. The offices are often fully furnished and you can move in immediately without needing to buy any furniture.

On the other hand, a virtual office is a service where you can rent a prestigious address for your business. This means that you can work anywhere, including from home while using the facilities provided by the virtual office, like a personal mailbox, meeting rooms to meet clients, etc. receptionist services, call forwarding, mailing and answering of calls on your behalf. You may even get secretarial services which can help you with administrative tasks such as sending mails, receiving parcels, invoices and depositing cheques.

Small Business Office

If you run a small business, we are more than glad to source the most suitable locations for your business that will ensure that it is recognized, respected and renowned by all. Small businesses have their own specific needs which we recognize and will attempt to fulfill in terms of location, rental rates and the like.

Small Office Room

For business owners who work alone or have only one or two staff members, the small office room is an ideal option as it provides a conducive space to do business. Often these small office rooms for rent can house only one or two work tables but there are other facilities provided, like shared pantries, toilets and meeting rooms. Rental packages of small offices rooms often include things like internet connections, electricity and water. Many small office rooms are products of regular office spaces that have been renovated and divided into smaller spaces. If you wish, there are serviced offices that provide this concept as well, and you only have to state your preference.

Do keep in mind that we provide offices of different sizes, including medium and large offices as well. We are also able to house your business in multi-storey buildings if you so require.

Are you looking for the right small office space to rent? Well, worry no more as we are your small office solutions specialist. Leave it to us and we will search the best small office spaces with:

  • Easy access to public transportation like trains (LRT, MRT, Monorail) and buses
  • Contemporary and airy office design in the latest styles
  • Located in the business hubs of the city for easy networking
  • 24 Hour access to your office with the proper security
  • Enough parking spaces for you and your visitors, with reasonable parking rates
  • A relaxing and beautiful view that will make your office the envy of many
  • MSC compliant office complexes that are part of a Cybercentre or Cybercity
  • Complete with facilities and amenities like eateries, gyms, banks, malls, post offices and more nearby
  • The best and most enviable business addresses, where you’ll be close to your clients as well

We are able to confidently assure you of our ability to provide small office location solutions to you based on the fact that we are:

  • Very experienced in the real estate field with a comprehensive network and industry knowledge
  • We negotiate and secure the best deals for you
  • We are a one stop centre for small office spaces
  • All our consultation is provided free of charge, as well as all our office sourcing and negotiation services
  • We answer all your queries at the fastest time possible
  • We do all the running around for you

If you want to save time and lease the best small office space for rent, you don’t have to lift a finger. Let us take on the task for you. In that way, you’ll experience a hassle and fuss-free experience while getting the office space you like.

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